Afternoon Session

General Information

For the interactive session in the afternoon, we welcomed submissions from junior scholars. The overarching topic of the session will be "Legal Aspects of Anonymisation and Pseudonymisation of Data". Three papers have been selected to be presented and discussed during the afternoon session. The session will consist of a presentation held by the author(s), feedback from the senior scholar and an open discussion.

Papers submitted by students and selected to result in a pairing of the junior and senior researcher. The senior researcher will review this paper prior to the session. The junior researcher will then begin by presenting their short paper in 15 minutes, after which, the senior researcher will be asked to spend another 15 minutes building upon the paper and providing feedback to the student. The last 15 minutes of the session will consist of an open discussion on the paper between the senior and the junior researcher and any interested audience participants. Once the three 45 minute tandem sessions have been concluded, the senior researchers will join a panel discussion with the other tandem session mentors to discuss future developments in academia and provide advice for young researchers with regard to debates surrounding the regulation and use of new technologies.